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Eco-friendly, circular and off grid

Mas de Mingall is located off grid. This means that we are not connected to any public service like water, gas or electricity. This requires us to be creative about the things we do and how we do them.


We like to put into practice sustainable and circular entrepreneurship: we Rethink, Reduce, Repair, Recover, Redesign, Re-use and Recycle where we can.

Some examples:

  • Energy comes from the sun using solar panels

  • At breakfast we serve ecological eggs from our free range chickens

  • In the kitchen we use vegetables and other ingredients from our land and vegetable garden

  • We produce delicious extra virgin olive oil from the more than 200 olive trees in our valley

  • Olive trees are pruned after the olive harvest and the cuttings are used for traditionally prepared paellas and BBQ's on olive wood fire

  • Rainwater is collected in an underground stone cistern and is used for irrigation of the terrain

  • Waste is reduced and separated

  • Organic waste is converted into compost and fertilizer for the land and vegetable garden

  • When we maintain the forest, we use the wood from trees to make furniture and to warm the house in winter

  • We restore antique pieces and decorate the house with vintage furniture

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