The Farm

​In the 18th century Mas de Mingall used to be a large olive farm.

When you wander through the terrain around the house you will see the old terraces with the beautiful handmade stone walls.

Mas de Mingall was a ruin 25 years ago. It was carefully restored by the previous owners Ansje and Klaas, who made it into a charming artist retreat where they welcomed many guests.

We continue to welcome guests in our B&B and campsite. We are restoring the finca to produce our own 'extra virgin' ecological olive oil in a few years from now. In the villages around us you can visit the cooperatives where our neighbors bring their harvested olives. Here you can see how olive oil is produced still using the traditional way. 

The valley is home to more than 200 old olive trees. There are also many old carob trees. This is a special tree known for its positive energy and for its seeds that were once used to measure the weight of diamonds. Nowadays the powdered carob beans are known for their high nutritional value and can be found in health stores as 'superfood'. We collect the beans and bring them to the cooperative.


We aim to be as self sustainable as possible and to have the least impact on our environment.

Energy comes from our solar panels, most days sufficient because of the many hours of sunshine.

During wintertime we maintain the forest and use the wood to make fires and warm the house.

Wood cuttings from our own olive trees are perfect for a traditionally prepared paella on our BBQ.

Rainwater is collected in an underground stone cistern to water the terrain, as invented by the Romans.


About Us

We are Michel and Barbara from the Netherlands.

It was our dream to find a beautiful place in Spain to create a little paradise - to live ourselves - and to share with those looking for a relaxing place to spend a holiday or a weekend away.

We purchased Mas de Mingall because it has charm, space, tranquillity, sunshine year round and a great location, ingredients that we love to share with you!

Our dream to create a little paradise comes from our travels around the world. Every now and then you come to a place where you don't want to leave... where you like the energy, the people, the hospitality, the food, the art on the walls, the coffee tasting just perfect. There are no distractions and then your mind comes to ease. We loved being in those places where you feel welcome and treated like a special guest. This inspires us to make you feel the same here at Mas de Mingall.

So we started... living off grid sounds like the best new thing, but in reality it can be challenging for city cookies! We are learning how to use our energy from solar panels, and every day more of our ideas become a reality.

Mas de Mingall and its surroundings are still a bit unpolished, with plenty of space for you as our guests and us as a family. Whether you like to be pampered or prefer privacy, travel solo or with a small group, all is possible.

One of our passions is food...

Michel is more the scientific type, doing things by the book.

Essential when you want to make a great tasting bread, BBQ roasts, paella, sauces or deserts.

Barbara is more of the creative type: mixing and matching fresh ingredients of the season into healthy and delicious salads, stews, pastas, soups and more.

Come and enjoy this beautiful place.

We look forward to being your hosts!


“ I wanted to be offline, views, physical challenges, good food, good wines, a great bed and good vibes.

I got it all. And more."


“ As a base for a wine and golf trip in the area we choose to stay at Mas de Mingall. Beautiful place, very relaxed and hospitable. Gorgeous location.

Michel, Barbara and Julia thanks for all... untill next time!”


12 km from the sea, surrounded by nature, in Catalonia. A beautiful and loving base for numerous trips. For a day to relax there are the patio, the pool and -if you want- other guests.”


© Mas de Mingall