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Adopt an Olive Tree

Adopt an olive tree from Mas de Mingall!


Guarantee yourself a yearly delivery of pure, ecological extra virgin olive oil directly from the source.


A healthy olive tree produces some 25kg of olives which gives about 5 liters of olive oil.

Shortly after each harvest (November) you will receive 5 bottles of 0,75L and 5 bottles of 0,25L, a total of 5 liters of our delicious olive oil. Use it for yourself, share it or give it away to family and friends.


And of course you are welcome to visit 'your' tree whenever you want and give it a name.


The subscription price does not include shipping costs. A subscription can be cancelled at any time. This product can not be paid with iDeal and can not be purchased at the same time with other products in our shop.

Adopt an Olive Tree

Price Options
Adopt an Olive Tree
Receive 5L of pure olive oil every year
€110.00every year until canceled
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