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Mas de Mingall
Guest Information

Checkin & Checkout






Check In & Check Out

Check In
Check In is available from 15:00 hours
Upon arrival, we will register you, make a copy of your passport/ID and settle any remaining payment for the accommodation and tourist tax

We accept all major credit/debit card as well as contactless payments with mobile devices.

Check Out
Please check out before 11:00 hrs

Make sure not to leave any personal items in your room / fridges / near the pool

Please return the room key

Any consumptions and services (drinks, meals, etc.) used during your stay will be added to your bill and can be paid during checkout

Wifi and Internet use

There are two wifi access points available:

Reception area

Network: Mingall

Password: Mingall123

Bath house

Network: Mas de Mingall

Password: <no password required>


Internet access is provided through a satellite connection: reliable but sometimes a bit slow
We kindly ask you to avoid bandwidth intensive actions like streaming video or playing online games

Access to the Internet is via a slow and expensive satellite connection. We therefore ask you to use 'fair use': do not download large files, photo collections or movies (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc.) and do not play live video or audio streams (Spotify, TuneIn, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. ). Want to watch a movie offline? Then download it via 4G on site or when you are in the village.


Our tip: Turn off your phone, put it away and enjoy being disconnected ;-)!

Safety & Warnings

Please read the following warnings carefully to avoid any inconvenience or injuries during your stay

Open fires are strictly prohibited at all times

To reduce the risk of wildfires, especially during periods of high to extreme danger

When using the shower and/or gas heating please ensure good ventilation to external spaces to allow fresh air to fuel the burner and discharge combustion products. A heater in a room with a lack of fresh air can cause excessive levels of CO and can lead to CO poisoning


There is a variety of wildlife such as scorpions, snakes, wild boars, and other insects. Please be careful and avoid walking barefoot to protect yourself. 
Scorpions have a bent for resting in shoes, so always check your shoes before putting them on. If you are stung, try to take a picture of the animal first and have someone take you DIRECTLY to the emergency station in L'Ametlla de Mar
Also please be careful with the sharp cactuses growing over the land


In the bathhouse hangs a red box with bandages.

You can also get medical help at the reception

House Rules

Please respect the following regulations during your stay:


Mas de Mingall is not connected to any public services like water, gas or electricity. Please use these resources mindfully. Don't waste water, show as short as possible, etc. 


The swimming pool is 2,5 meters deep. Children must be supervised at all times by their parents

Please use the outdoor shower next to the pool before swimming. Be aware of the temperature as the water can be very hot.

Do not bring glasses/glass bottles or breakable utensils to the pool area

Decoration & Furniture

Mas de Mingall is decorated with care. Please use the interior and exterior equipment, especially hammocks and sun loungers as if they were your own and, if required, teach your children about mindful use (sun beds are not trampolines!)


Mas de Mingall is a smoke free accommodation

Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor kitchen area on the central square

If you smoke, please make sure e that other guests are not hindered

Please be very careful with the cigarette butts. Do not throw them into nature (fire risk!), instead use an ashtray or trash can


Please use the trash cans for your garbage disposal, follow waste separation as far as possible, and clean up after cooking, washing, showering, etc. to allow other guests to enjoy a clean environment too

House pets

We have four cats

Please do not give any food to the cats - nothing!

Do not let them enter your room or tent

Pets are not allowed in the guestrooms.



  • The bathroom is shared with other guests, for this reason, please store your personal belongings in your room.

  • Towels can be hung on the drying rack on the terrace. Please put your towel in the laundry basket in the bathroom if it needs to be washed.

  • Summer nights; mosquito nets have been hung in all guest rooms to ensure guests have a mosquito-free night. Tips: 

    • Make sure the mosquito net around the bed is properly closed and there are no openings for mosquitoes to get through. 

    • With the help of the clothespins in your room, you can close the opening. 

    • Put the mosquito net under your mattress. 

    • Do not kill mosquitoes with your hand or a magazine, but use the tennis racket that is available in your room. This prevents bloodstains in the mosquito net and bed linen and prevents the spread of bacteria. Thanks! 

    • How to use: Press and hold the button on the side of the racket so that the light turns on. Hold the racket over the mosquito until it zips.

  • Watch the stars, or enjoy the sun. If you use the terrace, please watch your head when climbing through the window. Also, be careful with the step!


If you have a question or would like to order something, please let us know!

Fill out this form or send us a WhatsApp message directly: +34 977 09 2318

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